Some Interesting Facts To Know About Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone is a sensational Bollywood actress. All that we know about her is her curvaceous body and wonderful acting skills. Sunny was a popular porn star. Her way of making it to Bollywood is amazing. There are still many facts to know about the famous Bollywood actress Sunny Leone.

Original name of this gorgeous actress was Karenjit Kaur Vohra.

Sunny Leone was born to Punjabi parents who were living in Canada when she was born. When she entered into the porn industry, she changed her name from Karenjit Kaur Vohra to Sunny Leone. She was also popular with her stage name Karen Malhotra.

Sunny started her career at a German bakery.

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Before entering porn industry Sunny was working in a German Bakery Jiffy Lube. And she also worked for a tax and retirement companies. Sunny got introduced to porn through one of her best friends.

Sunny’s first choice of career was to be a Paediatric nurse.

Sunny was pursuing her studies to become a Paediatric nurse. Her parents never expected that she would diverting in her career path. In the beginning her parents were shocked to know that she left her nursing studies for porn acting.

Sunny started working in porn movies by her choice.

When Sunny was working for a German Bakery, one of her best friends took her to Mr. Jay Allen, who was a Penthouse Magazine Photographer. She got an offer for posing for porn photography. There she started her career in porn world. She always said she chose her career and it is respectful when she got critics from relatives and friends in the beginning.

She realised her bisexuality at the age of 18.

Sunny came to know that she is bisexual at the age of 18. In the beginning days of her acting she expressed a wish to work only with women artists. In most of her porn film ventures, we can see her with women porn artists only.

Sunny’s relationship facts.

Sunny was engaged to Mark Erikson who was working as a marketing VP at playboy. They broke up in 2008. In later days Sunny dated Russell Peters who was then a stand-up comedian for a short period in the same year. When Sunny received a proposal from Daniel Weber, initially she was not interested in him. But once after meeting she fell in love with him. They got married in the year 2011. Sunny praises Daniel for his support in all her career and she never agrees for any contract unless Daniel approves it.

Hollywood journey of Sunny Leone.

Sunny started her career in big screens through Hollywood. She acted as a co-star in the movie The Girl Next Door. Though it didn’t bring sunny much of name or fame, she got a chance to exhibit her acting skills. This helped her in getting into the eyes of directors of Bollywood.

The hatreds and critics she faced.

Sunny had to face a lot of critics from audience, co-starts and other popular artists when she entered Bollywood. Whenever he movies gets released, she had to face a lot of hatred. A porn star becoming a leading actress in Bollywood could not be digested by many upcoming heroines in Bollywood. She still says she can’t go through all the messages he received when she entered Bollywood and that no one was happy for her. But now with her continued efforts in bringing out her acting talent made her to get huge fortune and she is able to get many offers from directors of different languages in India.

Sunny;s first Bollywood movie was to be directed by Mohit Suri.

First Bollywood movie of Sunny Leone which got release in 2012 was Jism 2 an erotic thriller movie produced by Pooja Bhatt. But Sunny was to start her career in Bollywood through Mohut Suri’s movie Kalyug. When she was a participant in Big Boss, Mohit Suri met her and gave her an offer to act in Kalyug. But Sunny did ask for $ 1 million for acting in the movie. Due to the high price Mohit had to take back his offer. And after 7 years Sunny entered Bollywood through Jism 2.

Sauvignon Blanc is Sunny’s favourite alcoholic beverage.

Sunny has many favourites in her life. She loves Amir Khan, a famous Bollywood actor and producer. She loves to spend time with pets, specially her two dogs. Sunny loves fast foods but she doesn’t like to party around all the time. She loves reading books in her free time. Sunny is so adorable in helping animals and people. She loves to make her own blankets and serve to pregnant women across. Sunny’s favourite drink ever is Sauvignon Blanc.

These unknown things about a known actress will surely change our thoughts towards her. She is a woman who love what she does in her life. Sunny is clear in her every move. The courage in her made her to see the peak in Bollywood really soon after entering into it.

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